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Here at Crystal Canyon HQ we're always inspired by the amazing work being done around the world and hearing about the power of yoga & mediation. Here you'll find our collection of the most uplifting stories to remind us all that even though the headlines may be filled with negativity, there is always good to be found in the world.

Get inspired: New york

“I Teach Yoga To People In Jail — This Is What I've Learned” is the name of an attention grabbing article on Mind Body Green by yoga instructor Ryan LeMere. LeMere trained at Liberation Prison Yoga, a non-profit organization that facilitates trauma-conscious programming for people interested in teaching in jails and prisons and for the last year and a half he has been teaching yoga at a prison in New York.

LeMere’s article reminds us of the power of yoga in a setting that doesn’t fit with the traditional image that immediately comes to mind. LeMere's experience has taught him that sacred spaces are where you intend them to be, yoga isn’t about being happy — it is about honouring where you are at in your life, well-being is a tremendous privileged and for those of us lucky enough to practice when and where we want need to recognize this privileged, and finally, just how radical meditation can be;

“Sometimes it's just a flash, but for a moment, there's sometimes a little freedom, which is revolutionary. Inner world to outer, it's my honest hope that this work imparts tools for greater collective well-being.”

News about programs such as this bring hope to the prison and rehabilitation programs, which have been controversial in the past and we applaud those dedicated to helping those discover meditation, especially in tough times.

get inspired: baltimore

Ramon Brown of Baltimore is a Mindful Moment instructor for underserved youth. After growing up with an anger problem, he discovered that meditation was a solution for him. Now 25 years old, he trains children in the same practice at an after-school program that swaps traditional detention for meditation.

The program serves 10,000 students per week in over 42+ Baltimore area schools. They have trained & employed 30 Baltimore youth and as a result have had 0 suspensions due to the mindful moment program.

You can learn more about Ramon and the program here & support the effort here

We'd love to see programs like this take flight over the globe and cannot wait to see the positive lasting effects of programs like Ramon's. 


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