crystal education

Crystals are all the rage right now, but don’t know your rose quartz from your pyrite? The Crystal Canyon curators have included everything you need to know so you can stop being mystified by Goop and start healing.


start here: the basic crystal pack

Ready to get into crystals? Here is your quick intro guide for the 6 must-have crystals every Spiritual It Girl needs in their kit.

unsure of which crystal is right for you?

So many crystals, so little time! Which one to chose? Allow your intuition to guide you with this crystal test.



how to use your crystals

You know which crystal you need, now what?

finish here: essential tools to live your best spiritual life

Crystals are just the beginning, these essentials will help you get the best out of your crystals and ensure you are surrounding yourself in a safe and energetically positive space.